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Accession is a travel access and travel time mapping package
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Accession is a travel access and travel time mapping package.
It measures accessibility to and from any point based on travel costs through highway and public transit networks.
Accession quickly provides an accessibility-mapping overlay on any background map.

It enables easy manipulation of the representation of the multi-modal transport system for creating scenarios.

The influences these changes have on the transport system are clearly shown.

Accession is a powerful tool that can be used in a wide range of transport-related studies.
- Reviews of existing public transit services
- Simplified analysis of effects of proposed service changes
- Plans for meeting disabled persons transport requirements
- Development of business case for retail location
- Site evaluation for property business re-location
- Development of green commuting plans for private and public sector organizations
- Development of car parking standards based on public transit accessibility levels
- Analysis of school catchment areas and pupil travel requirements

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